Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The Zoya Nail Polish Winter Blues will make you smile!

The Blues by Zoya...  
There is no need to feel down this winter with nail polish blues this beautiful to fortify your soul for the upcoming spring.

and some of our blogging, swatching friends.

To see all of the blue nail polish available from Zoya, visit our blue page on zoya.com

Zoya Charla Swatches

"I used (Zoya) Charla, and I absolutely LOVE her. She is beautiful."
Lacquered Lindsey 
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Zoya Twila Swatches

"...if you're going to go for (Zoya) Twila, I highly suggest buying Noel, which is the perfect shade for layering underneath it."
15 Minute Beauty Fanatic
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Zoya Cynthia Swatches

 "If so, I have a color for your nail polish arsenal collection, my fellow beauties! It's Cynthia from the Smoke Collection by Zoya.  For your "Moody Blues" Cynthia is an out of the ordinary blue nail polish that will satisfy your desire for a wintery color."
Blinging Beauty

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"Depending on the light, (Zoya) Cynthia will be teal, or almost black. It is a very uncommon shade of blue for a subtle but funky look!"
The Nail Files

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 Zoya Ibiza Swatches

"Zoya Ibiza is probably one of my new favourite polishes and has really reminded me that there are some blue polishes I LOVE. Like this one!"
Life and Polish
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Zoya is the new color of Fashion!

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