Monday, 26 December 2011

Sexy, High Fashion Winter Nail Color from Zoya!

Zoya Feel Collection - winter cream neutrals  

"Overall: I am LOVING this set! I will admit that when you look at the bottles and the pictures, it seems to be a minor difference in the colors but on your nails they are DEFINITELY distinguishable! Kristen is my absolute favorite (so much so that I am wearing a mani with her right now!), with Avery being my “least” favorite but only because I don’t wear nudes very often. However, if I DID wear nudes I would love this one."
Nails Adored
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"The formula for these were excellent. They were very creamy and applies so smooth. They are also opaque with just two coats. The colors are pretty and not your average dark winter colors which I like!"
Nail Fanatic 
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"When I first laid eyes on the new Winter 2011 collection from Zoya, I thought, “Pastels? What?” I’m used to darker colors in the Winter and usually I can’t stand pastels. But, when I tried them on – wow! These are no Easter eggs. The colors are sexy, high fashion and different. I got several compliments from strangers while wearing them."
My Beauty Bunny
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"These colors are beautiful. I really love them all. If I had to chose I'd say Kristen, Carey and Kennedy are my favorites. If cooler toned skin and have had difficulty finding a nice nude shade, Kennedy will be for you. I absolutely love this color for that reason. I feel like it filled a void in my collection! There are too many warm toned nudes out there..."
Imperfectly Painted

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 "As far as quality, it doesn't disappoint at all, even the colors I personally don't care for have that perfect Zoya formula I love so much."
Polish Fixation
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Zoya is the new color of Fashion!

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