Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Captivating Claws and Zoya Nail Polish

Gorgeous nail polish swatch alert!
How can you not love a nail polish blog named "Captivating Claws"?

This new December 2011 posting features a trio of color swatches from the Zoya Smoke and Mirrors Collection - Zoya Tao, Zoya Cynthia and Zoya Gem. 

"Bottom line with all three polishes is... they're amazing!  I will definitely be wearing them again soon. (Especially Jem!)   You can purchase Zoya polishes for $8 each on their website here.  Also, be sure to like Zoya on Facebook here.  They are always offering awesome promos on facebook.  And, of course, they are the BIG 3 FREE!!"

What's BIG 3 FREE? - The Zoya Nail Polish formula is free of the potentially harmful toxins formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (Bonus - Zoya is free of camphor too).

Zoya is the new color of Fashion!

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