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Nuevas joyas para tus manos.

English Translation of Maquillaje Article on Zoya Nail Polish:
New jewels for your hands.

Proposal: Zoya presents the collection for winter / holiday: Gems & Jewels, under the theme "jewelry to your nails", the brand features three metal shades and three frosted-very-season-for a lively and stylish manicure.

Verdict: Christmas and other celebrations are a wonderful excuse to add a touch of magic to your nail-yes, forget a little bit of neutral colors and classic and focus more on the glitter and glamor.

Fortunately, Zoya offers a great line for these days. Gems & Jewels, comes with six glazes that can be combined or used separately. Is the big advantage? The variety of green, blue and fuchsia pink - perfect for teenagers, summer nights or decorate a manicure during the winter months.

Gems (Rina, and Kissy Twila) are multicolored glitter nail polish, to illuminate your hands miles apart, but not least, this type of glaze is a must for the months holidays. Holly, Izzy and Noel are the colors like "jewels". Apply two coats of the same, you get full coverage and a manicure is maintained for up to five days. My favorite? Kissy being a hot-pink, adds a feminine twist and any nail polish.

For its price, Gems & Jewel Collection Zoya becomes the last-minute gift par excellence. The queens of the house hands deserve arranged at Christmas ... do not stay without them!

Price: U.S. $ 8 c / u; trio $ 24, $ 48 for six.

Rating: 4.9 / 5

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