Thursday, 8 March 2012

Zoya and Qtica team visits Italy and wins hearts!

Art of Beauty visits Italy!
Evento Zoya & Emani: anteprima - A very special event in Milan, Italy, hosted by Nailevo CEO, Barbara Ferraro,Top Media and Salon/Spa Professionals had the unique opportunity to meet with Zoya Reyzis (Founder), Michael Reyzis and Leo Reyzis of Art of Beauty (makers of Zoya and Qtica).

The Art of Beauty team had the honor to present many awards to top performing professionals and to speak to the crowd, where recent fashion collaborations and collections were spotlighted.

"The lovely Mrs. Zoya herself, made an appearance. She is an incredibly humble and wise woman.  She continued to prove so when she took the time to enlighten me on various topics throughout the evening."

"...The company’s innovative approach has gained them not only a high magnitude of success, but a great deal of esteem within the industry."
"They are the first ever “safe nail-polish formula” and do not contain any chemicals in which are harmful to your health. Each shade of polish is named after a woman’s name; which virtually means that you die hard nail polish addicts out there have the opportunity to have one named after you!"
Julius Bee

above image credit: Julius Bee Blog
Michael Reyzis (Art of Beauty), Alberto Nano (Nailevo), Leo Reyzis (Art of Beauty) and Zoya Reyzis (Art of Beauty)

Translated Text... "The (Nailevo) Italian power distribution network involves only beauty salons, hairdressing salons, nail the Center, the Spa, from September 2010, Zoya Point, salons authorized dealers (a list of Zoya Point nearest you can find on the site)."
Paper Blog

Art of Beauty is continuing it's stay in Italy this week by attending Cosmoprof 2012 (March 9-12), the international exhibition dedicated to the aesthetics and beauty that will take place in Bologna, Italy.

Zoya is the new color of Fashion!

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