Friday, 23 March 2012

Calling all Purple, Polka Dot and Zoya Nail Polish Lovers!

If you are a sucker for polka dots, obsessed with purple polish, or a lover of Zoya Nail Polish in general - this post is
for you...

Nail Polish Wars demonstrates how to create an ultra delicate polka dot mani that is perfect for Spring.

Using a "few" purple Zoya Nail Polish colors, she layered (take a deep breath) Zoya Pinta, Zoya Mira, Zoya Lotus, Zoya Zara, Zoya Marley, Zoya Danni, Zoya Tru and Zoya Savita over a base of Zoya Miley.  

To find these purple Zoya shades and many more, visit the Zoya Purple Nail Polish page. 

If you are looking for even more inspiration, join Zoya Nail Polish on
to see the collection of fan swatches and nail art!

 Zoya is the new color Fashion!

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