Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Share the Love Rewards Program

Introducing the Zoya and Qtica "Share the Love" Customer Rewards Program!

Sharing the Zoya and Qtica Love Pays Off...

"Share the Love" is free and it's easy to participate. Everyone is rewarded. Simply share your favorite Zoya and Qtica product links with friends, family, coworkers and followers to gain valuable "Love Points" that can be redeemed for instant savings. 

Now it's not only nice to share your favorite nail polish color or secret to growing long, strong beautiful nails but also profitable!

This exciting new program launches on Monday, March 19th 2012, so now is a great time to start planning who will be on your "Share the Love" list. Why not start earning rewards spreading the word about award winning Zoya and Qtica products? It's all about "sharing" - now that's something you can really feel good about.

To see exactly how this exciting new program works, visit the "Share the Love" page on or

We have had a few questions...
Below is an image to demonstrate how your account rewards area might look.

As you can see, how you redeem your "Love Points" is entirely up to you. In this case, a point value of 375 can be split into 3 - $5 OFF coupons or 1 - $10 OFF coupon. With either option, you will still have 75 points saved in your "bank" to build upon for future coupons. This way, you can be more flexible with your order size and the amount you would like to spend. It is meant to benefit both frequent buyers and those who like to "save" points to place a larger sized order.

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