Friday, 27 July 2012

Leiweb Italy features Zoya Peter Som colors

Peter Som per Zoya
featured on leiweb, Italy.

Translation by Google Translate...
Enamels from the catwalk

The enamel has earned the title of fashion and accessory designers who say they are large, in collaboration with the cosmetic brand, they started creating their vernis à ongles. And since the dictates of the big screen is the same we can not conclude that cha this season the focus will be at your fingertips

Inspired by winter palette instead of Peter Som for Zoya, who drew his shades from the fashion show next winter. Already sold out overseas this mini collection revolves around three colors: Audrey (no longer available), Evvie and Katherine. The first was born from a need of the designer: "Peter wanted a rose that is not synonymous with white," said the Zoya color designer Rebecca Isa that has created a creamy pink seen on the show on the hands of the models. Evvie, a dark green undergrowth, has painted her toenails instead of the mannequin because, according to Peter, "this year is all about the balance between opposites." The last color, which was not seen on the catwalk but who draws the shades of the fabrics, is the most unexpected. Despite the classic bright and dark eggplant hue, Katherine was thinking more like a top coat, nail polish to pass once: "It 's like a lip gloss, nail only." Rumors tell us that these two shades (Evvie and Katherine) overseas will be proposed again in Zoya's winter collection, so do not miss fatevele!

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