Saturday, 16 April 2011

Umm..It is supposed to be crooked

Morning! Okay, I have come to the conclusion that it is all MUA's fault that I can't seem to stop buying polishes :) A few weeks ago, a sweet lady, Diava, posted some pics of some A-England polishes, that I just HAD to have, you know, like every other polish, lol. So I got them both, Lady of the Lake, which is the one I'm showing you today, and Tristam, which is also a holo, but a dark blue one!! I don't have any top coat on in these pics, because I was just swatching, and playing one of my new Mash plates. I'll take real actual swatches of them both this weekend :) Here is where I purchased mine :) I also want to swatch these in the day with sun, so you can all see it's true holo-ness.

Okay, well here is 2 coats of Lady of the Lake

Then I used the M60 Mash plate

and using Love & Beauty Silver, I did the dots design. Now here is what drives me crazy....the design is CROOKED! I can't stand that, and had this been a full mani, I would have had to start all over, lol. This is why I rarely do the designs that have to be placed in the center, or lined up, because I suck, lol

Just some pretty bottle pics, I love them! 

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