Wednesday, 27 April 2011

bigRuby Nail Tattoo Designs

Here is a pic of what the lucky winner will receive in my giveaway sponsored by Maria from bigRuby Supercool Nail Tattoos. 6 full sets of tattoos and their fast drying top coat. Each tattoo pack comes with 86 tattoos in both mani and pedi sizes.

The 6 sets are Cosmic, Garden, Mod, Sea, Star & Tweet. I showed you the designs from Tweet 2 days ago, so here are the rest.

This is Garden, sheet 1

sheet 2

Star, sheet 1

sheet 2

Cosmic, sheet 1

sheet 2

Mod, sheet 1

sheet 2

Sea, sheet 1

sheet 2

On a side note....I am so freaking excited. Look what is on it's way to me!!!! Jack got it for me for my 30th b-day. *cough cough* in June, lol. I'm so impatient :P

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