Friday, 25 March 2011 Flakie.....and some shopping

So I started my morning off feeling great, wearing a new cardi that I am absolutely IN LOVE WITH. I love those days when you have a good hair, outfit and makeup day. They are so rare for me, lol. Anyways, I really wanted a vampy color and decided to try this one, OPI William Tell Me About OPI. I think I only swatched it once when I got it but never actually wore it. Anyways, I also purchased a new necklace and wanted a mani that would semi resemble it, and that is where the flakies come in. Okay, well I started with 2 coats of the OPI

Then I added Nfu-Oh 50 over top

and then China Glaze Matte Magic, because I think matted flakies look so cool

Okay, now I know this is off topic, but I had to show you guys my new cardi! I love love love it. I got it off of Hautelook, which I'm semi addicted to, for a fairly decent price. It's made by Romeo & Juliet. I have received more compliments on this, than any other thing I've worn in a very long time, and mainly from strangers, lol.

and here is the necklace I purchased. I know a water marble would have matched better, but I had no time for that this morning, lol. So flakies had to do. If you can't tell, it's a maple leaf :P

So I loved my new cardi so much, that I NEEDED another one, so after some searching, I found one on eBay, lol, and snatched it up. I cannot wait to get it. Although my gray one has some lace in the ruffle as well, this one does not, but I don't care.

Okay, sorry to get so far off topic, but I just wanted to share :P

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