Saturday, 12 March 2011

Illamasqua's Spring/Summer 2011 Toxic Nature Collection

Morning everyone!! Well, after much arguing with hubby and my bff/neighbor, I went to the dr. ps. I HATE the dr. It's sort of an anxiety I have, I don't know it's weird, anyways, I have Bronchitis *sigh* At least I got my antibiotics. Okay enough of that, on to some fun.

While being home sick, I got a surprise package from Illamasqua, I had no idea what it was, but I discovered it's 3 of the new polishes from Toxic Nature!!!!! Alex from Illamasqua, was so sweet to send these to me for my review. I was soooo excited, and of course, coughing my brains out, attempted my swatches, lol, and after about 300 pictures later, I finally finished. You should have seen the blurry messes I took while coughing. Now, some pics are taken in different lighting, I was trying my hardest to capture the true color, but since two are neons, my camera had issues.

According to the paper I got with them, these are available as of March 10th in the US, and in UK stores March 17th. There are a total of 5 in the collection:

Purity - Peach
*Bacterium - Pearlescent Ash Ochre
*Radium - Acidic Lime Shimmer
Stagnate - Grey Mauve
*Gamma - Neon Orange

* - these are the 3 I received

I also loved their photos they did for this collection. 
Now, I only owned 1 Illamasqua polish before this, but I really love their bottles and their formula is among the best out there. It goes on so easy with minimal effort

Okay onto the pics finally!!
2 coats of Bacterium. This is my fave of the 3, although there are semi brush strokes, I don't care, it's such a unique color, and that's what I love!

Radium, this is soooo bright, that my camera has a hard time with neons :( There was no sun today either, so maybe tomorrow I will post some sunlight pics, if we get any. The shimmer in this is beautiful, and trust me, it's much brighter in person.

This is in direct light

This was taken away from the light

Outside, with no sun :(

Gamma, now I'm not a huge orange fan, but I love it. It really is neon, so once again, my camera was angry, lol. Maybe tomorrow, if there is sun, I'll try again, but again, WAY brighter in person.

In direct light

away from the light

Alright guys I'm off to bed, hopefully. *prays to the coughing gods, please let me be for 1 night*

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