Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Great Zoya Color - see it on YOU (no matter what your skin tone)!

Reviews and Swatches of the Zoya Nail Polish Summer 2012 Beach and Surf Collections keep rolling in and we're LOVING how the colors look on all different skin tones. 

No matter what your complexion or ethnicity, you have to determine if you have cool (pink or blue), warm (yellow or golden) or neutral undertones to find which polish shades best compliment your combination. Then, check out the swatches below that are most similar!

Warm Undertones
If you are dark complected with warm undertones, see the full review from Haute Lacquer for a solid set of Zoya Beach and Surf Collection swatches. 

"Myrta is a bright coral, orange metallic foil. This is so citrus-y. This type of color works really well for dark skin tones. But of course, anyone can pull it off. I used three thin coats here."
Haute Lacquer

Makeup, Beauty and More and Makeup & Beauty Blog also have some amazing swatches for anyone with strong golden undertones and medium skin tone!


"Overall, Wednesday, Arizona and Tracie are my favorites from the Beach collection. These three colors are just perfect for spring/summer and have an amazing formula that's easy to work with."Makeup, Beauty and More

The swatches & review from Deuce Beauties will be helpful for anyone with a medium skin tone and warm-neutral undertones.

To see polish colors that compliment lighter complected ladies with warm undertones, take a look at the beautiful swatches from Makeup Withdrawal.

"Though Kimber is not a true foil it was unexpectedly my favorite shade, even though I'm not a pink girl! I also liked that unlike some other foils I own, which are overloaded on silvery bits and look very cool in tone (and sometimes not very flattering on me), Zoya used very vibrant colors (well, except for Carly) and only enough foil to make the shade very sparkly to view."  
Makeup Withdrawal  


Cool Undertones
For dark complected skin with cool undertones visit Clumps of Mascara to check out her swatches of both the Beach & Surf Collections.

"I received an opaque finish after 2 coats for each polish. I think Zoya did an awesome job with this collection. There’s a little bit of something for everyone."
Clumps of Mascara

Captivating Claws has some kick butt swatches and a great review of the Zoya Beach Collection - perfect to find colors that compliment a medium skin tone with cool undertones.

"Hello Wednesday!!!!!!!!! I love this one!! It's simple, yet unique. Wednesday will go on my toes when I give myself a pedicure later this weekend. Zoya lists Wednesday as having a "warm" tone, but you can wear her if you're a "cool-toned" person, as I am."
Captivating Claws

Last but not least! If you have fair skin and a cool-neutral undertone to your skin, the The Polish Hideout swatches are for you!

"Arizona is a fresh orange, but slightly softened so that it is not too loud or bright. Unlike other recent Zoya colors where muted is also a bit dusty, Arizona is muted only and retains its clean color. It has soft peachy and coral undertones without leaning too warm. It is a color that calls to mind orange creamsicles and orange sherbet."
The Polish Hideout

Not sure how to tell if you have warm or cool undertones? The Zoya Nail Polish Color Expert shows explains further here


Zoya is the new color of Fashion!


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