Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Zoya Nail Polish: Swatch Spam - gotta love it!

The Zoya Nail Polish Fairies (Zoya Nail Polish on Twitter and Zoya Nail Polish on Facebook) love our swatching bloggers! Here's an incredible bit of swatch spam for you....

Cristina at Let Them Have Polish is wondering if she should keep up the nail polish swatch spam on Sundays - Ahhhh YES!!! Please comment and let her know how much you love (♥) seeing Zoya Nail Polish and all of her spam on her perfectly painted talons!

Lots of toxin-free, long-wearing Zoya swatched here... including Zoya's Apple, Crystal, Midori, Tallulah, Yvette, Izzy, Cynthia, Anja, Codie, Rica and Holly.

Also note her links to more Zoya Swatch Spam at the bottom of the post.

Zoya is the new color of Fashion!

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