Monday, 9 January 2012

Zoya Color Your World Promotion Update

We wanted to take this opportunity and give everyone an update on the "Zoya Color Your World in 2012" Promotion status:

1.  Due to the high volume of promotions, we anticipate all the orders to be shipped by middle of next week.

2.  If you received an email confirmation of your order , but don't see the order in the "My Account" section don't worry.  This simply means that we are processing the orders in batches and yours just hasn't been allocated to a warehouse for picking yet. Once it does, the order will appear in your "My Account Section"

3.  If you received a confirmation email, then we got your order.  We have noticed that Comcast emails are being blocked by Comcast for some reason, so if you are a Comcast user this should explain why you have not received a confirmation.

4.  We do not charge your credit card until your order ships.

5.  If you decide you would  like to cancel your order, you can do so by going into the "My Account Section" of our site and clicking on the "My Unshipped Orders" and clicking the "Cancel" button. You can only cancel orders that have not been picked or shipped yet. Starting this afternoon you will be able to also cancel orders that have not been transferred for picking as well.

Thank you very much for making this a promotion such a success and enjoy your new Zoya

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