Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Custom Polish Book Case & Flakie Fun....PIC HEAVY POST

Okay, so for months I've been thinking about how I could 'display' my polish. I insisted on seeing them all, because it's a form of art to me, lol. Well one of our neighbors brothers, can basically build ANYTHING, so he came over, and checked out what I needed and the space I had available. Well this is my new 'Art Piece', lol. I LOVE it, and he made it to match all of our living room furniture since, it's in the living room, lol. is my before.. It was a complete MESS, and angered me, every time I had to find a certain polish.

Here is the shelf, empty, and the hubbs

Now it's filled, with most of my polishes, he's so proud! It fit most of them, I might need a sister one, lol 

and my daughter wanted a pic on here too, lol. Oh and the pup, is Grandpa, a 16 year old mix, we adopted a few months ago

Here is the top half


and bottom

Now onto the mani, as much as I love my Nfu-Oh flakies, well the few I have, I don't find myself using them very often. Well yesterday, I decided to have a little fun with one. Nfu-Oh 51.For this mani I used a base of Color Clubs Fashion Addict, 2 coats of Nfu-Oh 51, my regular black & Essie Matte About You, later down the road, lol, and of course Scotch tape. Here was what my final mani ended up looking like. I actually preferred it, the step before it got to this point. You'll see.

Not only do I ADORE their bottles, but look at the rainbow inside!!!!

This was 1 coat of Fashion Addict, and 2 coats of 51

Then I decided to use Matte About You. I really like matted flakies :)

Then I did a funky french with black tips, and if you haven't noticed, I love mixing up finishes!! This is how I love this mani the most!!

But, being me, I just had to see what it would all look like shiny again.

What do you all think? Do you like matte flakies????

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