Thursday, 6 January 2011

Ask and you shall receive!!

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments on my previous post. Since almost all of you asked for a tutorial, I did one, just for you guys. It was a quickie though, and I was forced to use what I had in my purse, and I LOVE this! So thanks to you guys, I have a mani, that just might last more than 2 hours!

For this tut, I used LA Splash Golden Seahorse and just my normal black
Ready for all the pics......

This was how I started it

Then I cut 5 VERY thin strips of scotch tape

Then I placed them on my nail. Yeah, it's a tad off center, oh well :). I started with one down the center, then placed the 2 next to that, then the other 2. Just make sure you rub the tape, a little hard, to make sure all the strips are completely down.

Once you're certain they are all in place, polish your top color on

Remove ASAP, when you're done, and you will get this

Then add your top coat, and I always use SV. Ta da, you're done!!

I hope this helps you guys!!!

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