Thursday, 13 December 2012

Zoya Nail Polish in Luna Review - Anna Gorelova

Glamorous Winter Nails...

Nail Blogger, Anna Gorelova, gets ready for the New Year with a festive, chunky glitter-packed, silver shade - Zoya Nail Polish in Luna! 

See the loose English translation below or click here for the full review and even more beautiful swatches of Zoya Luna

Zoya has even more beautiful silver options! Find the entire selection of glamorous hues on the Silver Nail Polish by Zoya page

English Translation from Google Translate
Imperceptibly passed the first week of winter, and I decided it was time to pull out of the bins of holiday decorations and show one of the New lacquer, and part of another candidate for the New Year.

Name, but rather the name of the lacquer, it is described very accurately. In the milky translucent gray-blue base is a lot of small octagonal silver sequins. The main difference between this silver glitter polish from the like is precisely this razbelennoy base. When applying the second coat, it overlaps a glitter glitter and makes it a bit more muted, as if drowned in the morning mist.

Varnish is opaque, smooth it can be very easy. An interesting feature is that the more times to hold a brush in the same place, the greater will glitter on the nail. One layer of gray base paint is very noticeable on the nails, and two glitter completely covers the smile line. I think Luna can be used as a stamp for a semi Nude. While such a manicure I already associated with something a wedding, not a New Year).

After drying, the surface is rough and one layer stamp almost no difference. Looking closely to this moderately matte manicure I changed my mind to make it glossy and now I wear it in this version. No additional layer stamp does not dull varnish and polish it sparkles like a Christmas toy).


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