Monday, 17 December 2012

Zoya Nail Polish Holiday Nail Look Inspiration!


Festive Polka Dots
To get this look, swipe 2 coats of Zoya Nail Polish Purity over the entire nail. Then, alternate polka dots with Zoya Logan (green) & Zoya Blaze (red).

Reverse French Manicure 
An easy look that can be tailored to any holiday by simply changing color. Here, Zoya Nail Polish in Song and Zoya Trixie were paired for a sophisticated, yet wintery manicure. 

Holiday Half Moon
The possibilities are endless! Use any combination of color to create your own Holiday Half Moon Mani. This look features Zoya Nail Polish in Blaze with a Zoya Purity half moon and Trixie accent. 

Simple Snowflake Nail Art
Add a wintery accent to any nail look - After a base of Zoya Nail Polish in Purity (two coats) is completely dry, use a nail art brush to create a vertical, horizontal and two diagonal lines on the nail to create the structure of the snowflake with Zoya Kristen. Then, add a few more strokes of Kristen to create the snowflake details. Don't forget a touch of Zoya Trixie to add just the right amount of iciness! 

Christmas Tree Tips
This easy dot Christmas tree features Zoya Nail Polish in Logan, Blaze, Aurora, Ziv and Rina over a Zoya Purity base. Tip: Dot the very top and sides of the tree first, then fill in the triangle decorating with any Zoya Nail Polish shades you please!  

Sugarplum Purple Gradient 
Giver digits an enchanting dusted look with a gradient of Zoya Nail Polish in Carly (base), Zoya Aurora (middle) & Zoya Trixie (tip).


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