Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Zoya NYFW 2012 Gloss Collection - Jelly Sandwich How To

Looking for something to satisfy your nail polish sweet tooth? Zoya has just the thing...

Jelly Sandwiches!

Try the trend with the new mouthwatering shades from the NYFW 2012 Gloss Collection...

Get the Look
Layer one coat of jelly followed by 1-2 coats of glitter or flakes, topped off with another layer of the jelly polish. The glitter will look like it is suspended in between the layers.

Try it with Zoya Nail Polish in Frida for a tempting teal nail look. Shown left with (from thumb to pinky) Zoya Nail Polish in Crystal, Zoya Luna, Zoya Twila, Zoya Rina and Opal as the glitter "filling".
For a nail look ALMOST good enough to eat, pair Zoya Nail Polish in Katherine (shown above) with Zoya Nail Polish in Roxy, Zoya Astra, Zoya Faye, Zoya Chloe and Zoya Kissy (from pinky to thumb).

Zoya Nail Polish in Paloma (shown left) is "berry" beautiful when layered over Zoya Luna, Chloe, Kissy, Daul and Astra (from thumb to pinky) 

What are jelly nail polishes and how else can you wear them? Find out more about the unique polish formula here.  


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