Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Marie Claire Italy spotlights Zoya Smoke and Mirrors Nail Polish Collection

Zoya is the new color of fashion! 
The Italian(IT) online edition of Marie Claire Magazine recently featured the lovely Zoya Smoke and Mirrors Collection.

See the entire article in Italian here or the "google" translation of the article below.

Translation of Article...
It is unusual to see communication for an enamel picture of a pregnant woman. In this case the belly is the message that emphasizes the delicacy and safety of the formula glazes Zoya, because they do not contain formaldehyde, toulene and camphor. In addition to highlighting the research of the ingredients, Zoya promises a longer life (in America has won the Beauty for this All Star) and a choice of around 180 shades to match to your skin. We tried the nuances of the Fall Winter 2011/201 Smoke & Mirrors from Maison Mamì in Milan with Valentina Table, makeup artist and image consultant.
The most common errors?There are two. The first is to err on the cutting of cuticles. In fact this will ignite. It is a gesture to make to the professionals. At home, best to stick to push them with the appropriate tool. It is a less aggressive gesture, and the nail will still be aesthetically beautiful and clean, with no risk of damage. The other is that to save time may not apply to the base, which not only facilitate the preparation of the enamel, is also protective. Some formulas contain substances that it would be better not to be absorbed from the nail also can stain.
Three steps for the perfect manicure?A good oil to soften cuticles details associated with the first two, that is a good base and pushing, without cutting, the cuticles.
How do you choose the right color?Now we tend to prefer a glaze on your hands other than his feet, but it is a fad, as it was first worn strictly color counterpart. Only those who wanted to be a bit 'eccentric dared different colors, or rather seemed almost kitsch. As in fashion: the bikini for example, until a few years ago was totally coordinated, but now the two pieces are mixed.
It is important to pair with the tones of your skin?Sure, it's like a dress, some shades enhance their color, others give the opposite effect. For example, the tones (smash) look great on a dove on the skin, as they change and become strong and aggressive on the darkest. In general, a lunar skin tone matches perfectly natural to brown to green. On dark skin is beautiful contrast that create the most vocal tones. The shape must not be underestimated and must be matched to the shape of the hand. For example, now is the time of square nails, but they are only good to those who have long, tapering fingers.
The new aspect in recent years?The arrival of new pallets made to go beyond the usual standards. First though there were already other colors were the same ones required: red, burgundy, natural, or at most black. The fashion of dove has launched a new variety, less traditional choices. Besides, not all dress the same way.

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