Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Bloggers are feeling the Zoya Feel Nail Polish Collection

Feel the color... 
Feel the beautiful full-coverage winter neutral creams of the Zoya Feel Collection!

HauteLacquer, Rainbows and Sparkles and The PolishAholic all have lovely Zoya Feel Collection swatches to help you decide exactly which one is your new neutral.
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"Overall, all the polishes had great application and were easy to work with. Kennedy was the only one I struggled with and had to use three coats to cover bald spots. These are all very wearable and would be great for the workplace and perfect for Winter! Leave it to Zoya to make neutral creams so unique. These all look really great with darker skin tones like my own; so if you were hesitating to buy these before...don't! A few of my favorites were Kristen, Megan and Avery."
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"Overall, this collection is a winner for me. So simple, yet so sophisticated... and shades to flatter all! All of the polishes had great formulas and were completely opaque in 2 coats across the board."
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The PolishAholic has a wonderful set of fresh Feel Collection swatches to enjoy.

"Kristen is a pale blue grey. I love this one, it's such a gorgeous shade. I've been waring it for a couple days ... Out of everything in this collection I have a feeling I will be grabbing for this one the most."
The PolishAholic

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