Monday, 15 October 2012

Ten Ways To Wear Teal Zoya Nail Polish!

Jelly Sandwich 
How-to get the look shown left: One layer of Zoya Nail Polish in Frida + One layer of Zoya Electra + One final layer of Zoya Frida.

Half Moon
Zoya Nail Polish in Cynthia with a Zoya Frida half moon makes for a trendy teal nail look. Mix and match with teal, blue or green shades for a harmonic look OR pair with contrasting colors for a bold statement. 

Nude Nail with Teal Double Tip
Give your nude nail a makeover with not just one teal French tip - but two! Use a nude nail polish shade that coordinates with your skin tone (Zoya Nail Polish in Avery used here) then, create a thin line in both Zoya Nail Polish in Cynthia (top line) and Zoya Frida (bottom line).

Polka Dots
One can never go wrong with polka-dots. Create a simple, but fashionable look with Zoya Nail Polish in Akyra as a base and adding white, Zoya Christinna polka dots.

Gradient lovers - combine Zoya Nail Polish in BevinZoya Evvie and Zoya Cynthia (light to dark) for the perfect dusty teal gradient. 

Make a statement with this eye-catching look! An opaque base of Zoya Akyra (2-3 coats) + strategically placed strips of tape + a layer of Zoya Nail Polish in Cynthia = sunburst stripes.

Racing Stripes
Layer one-two coats of Zoya Nail Polish in Frida over a base of Zoya Trixie for a shimmering, jelly-like effect. 

Triangle Half Moon
Use tape to add a simple triangle half moon design to a base in Zoya Nail Polish in Bevin. Use a similar, deeper shade like Zoya Evvie as the half-moon and outline in Zoya Cynthia for added definition.

Classic French Manicure
Put a teal twist on a classic french manicure with teal tones - Zoya Nail Polish in Akyra shown left with Zoya Cynthia French tip. 

Wear your heart on your nails with a simple heart design. To get the look shown here, create a medium teal shade by layering Zoya Nail Polish in Frida over Zoya Bevin. Once the base is dry, draw on the heart with the lighter shade. 

Learn more about the Fall 2012 Teal Nail Polish trend and see some other great color combination suggestions here


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